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Actually a constructor in script is a normal function, that is, any function can create new instance when it be called using new keyword.

The syntax of constructor is same as the function:
    function Apple() {

Usually we use first uppercase letter to identify that function will be used as constructor.

A constructor can be used to create new instance when it be called by new keyword. The 'this' keyword used in constructor will always point to the instance. For example:
    function Apple() {
        this.color = 'red';

It is same as below:
    var apple = new Apple();
    apple.color = 'red';

See more about Constructor.


Initializer is a syntax only available in ReoScript. Initializer used to simplify the code that merging construction and property settings. For example:
    var newApple = new Apple() {
        color : 'red',
        price : 1.2,

It is same as:
    var newApple = new Apple();
    newApple.color = 'red';
    newApple.price = 1.2;

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