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There is a console runner available from ReoScript v1.2. The script file could be executed by this shell runner program.

Get Console Runner

Download ReoScript binary library or build source file. Console runner could be find in the following path:

If you build ReoScript with Release configuration. The last folder should be 'Release'.

Getting Started

1. Open Notepad, write following code and save as file named "":

        function hello() {
          console.log('Hello World!');


2. In command prompt, execute following command:
        C:\> ReoScript.exe

3. The 'Hello World!' will be printed out:
        C:\> ReoScript.exe
        Hello World!


About Core Features Library

All Core Features will be supported if script executed from Console Runner. See more about CoreFeatures.

Runner Parameters

  • -workpath: Specify the work path for Runner

When another script file may be imported from current script file by import keyword. The relative path of script file depends on workpath to locate where does the file exist. e.g.:
        import "";      // import another script file
        other_func();           // dummy call function defined in

By default, ReoScript uses the path where ReoScript.exe was started up as default workpath. If the workpath is C:\\, ReoScript will also find in C:\\. However, you could explicitly change the workpath to another path as below:
        C:\> ReoScript.exe -workpath "D:\Scripts"
  • -debug: Enable debug support

There is an object name 'debug' will be added into GlobalObject in script. The debug object provides the following methods:
    * debug.assert(boolean)
    * debug.assert(result, expect)
    * debug.Stopwatch

For example:
        C:\> ReoScript.exe -debug
  • -exec: Run specified script

        function hello() {
          console.log('Hello World!');

Execute runner with -exec argument:
        C:\> ReoScript.exe -exec "hello();"
        Hello World!

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